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Punkystarfish was established in March 2018 by Justine Nienaber and Mark van Dijk. Seeing a gap in the market for SMEs who don’t have access to the huge marketing budgets, Punkystarfish Digital was born.

Justine has over 12 yrs experience in Digital Marketing working as Head of Social Media and Head of Digital in various large South African and Global agencies. Justine has lead teams on brands such as Cadburys, Jaguar, Land Rover, SKYY Vodka and the full Famous Brands portfolio to name a few.

Justine specialises in Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Paid Media, Digital Strategy and Copywriting.

Mark is the technical guy. Working for himself for many years in the creative field, Mark is a man of many talents. He is our front-end developer, photographer, videographer, animator and heads up the Creative side of Punkystarfish.

Mark and Justine’s strengths come together to offer a full-service digital agency at a level of proficiency not available to many SME’s

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