TikTok has blown up in South Africa especially with the government-imposed lockdowns. We have all had to stay indoors, and TikTok is the perfect place to create wacky content while you try to fight the boredom after watching the whole of Netflix.

After spending some time on TikTok, we have started to see a few great opportunities for small business owners in South Africa on how they can use the platform to reach more people and grow their businesses online.

TikTok as a platform is not just for teens who post pranks and dance to trending songs. TikTok is a great place for small businesses and entrepreneurs too, I have found myself learning a whole bunch of new things during lockdown thanks in part to my TikTok content consumption.

If you are unsure of what to do on TikTok as a business owner or business in South Africa, then carry on reading – Punkystarfish digital has got you covered.

Introduce yourself 

So you want to do your first TikTok but aren’t sure what to do,  introduce yourself – seems obvious right? People tend to overthink things when it comes to social media, we get it. Make your introduction personal and relatable whilst dropping some information about it. Share things like your name, your companies name, and a little bit about what your business does. This will help people make the decision about if they want to follow you or not.

Workspace Tour

This is really important if you are selling a product but it is just as effective if you offer a service. People love to be nosey (there is a reason Big Brother was so popular). Showing your workspace will help your customers relate to you even more.

Success Stories 

What have the successes been for you and your business? Share that. You may think of it as a humblebrag, but to a potential client is shows that you know what you are doing and gives them a person of reference that they can reach out to. Don’t be afraid to brag a little bit.

Day in the life

Much like a workspace tour, taking people on the journey of that you do on a daily basis is interesting content. You may think it’s mundane, but it’s only mundane to you because you do it every day. Show your followers what a typical day in the life of running your business looks like. Nothing is off-limits. Show them your paperwork, responding to emails, and your cat sitting on your keyboard. It all makes you human and approachable.

We have become low-key obsessed with TikTok and have thrown many hours away scrolling through videos from various creators local and abroad. It’s a growing space with loads of opportunities, so give it a try.


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