Working in Social Media

Working in Social Media

Working in social media can be a wild and wacky place, full of likes, shares, and the occasional troll. As someone who’s spent over 15 years working in this field, I thought I’d share a few humorous observations about the realities of working in social media. So buckle up and get ready for a ride […]

5 reasons why you need social media marketing

5 reasons why you need social media marketing 1

Social Media Marketing is no longer a “buzzword” that people use, it’s an important part of ensuring you grow your business. Today we are seeing businesses you had never heard about months ago, simply due to their killer content marketing on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. If you do not take your social media marketing seriously, […]

TikTok Ideas for Small Businesses in South Africa

TikTok South Africa

TikTok has blown up in South Africa especially with the government-imposed lockdowns. We have all had to stay indoors, and TikTok is the perfect place to create wacky content while you try to fight the boredom after watching the whole of Netflix. After spending some time on TikTok, we have started to see a few […]

Exploring TikTok

Exploring TikTok 2

Being a Social Media Agency, and working with various clients across various industries it’s our job to make sure that we know that is what when it comes to the Social Media landscape. Social Media consumption has changed quite a bit during the COVID19 crisis. We have seen a rise in people’s use of TikTok, […]

A look at 2019 Social Media trends

Social Media Trends

Social Media trends are announced at the beginning of every year, it’s a time where people have a look into the future and try to see what Facebook/Twitter and the likes are going to favour over the coming year. Social Media trends predictions are especially helpful to agencies who have to work on Marketing Plans […]